Thursday, October 8, 2009

When amcho sezari came from his "botichi viaz".,....

It was many years ago when amcho sezari came from his "botichi viaz", that I heard the word P&O.
He was a tarvotti, and so I assumed the name he was saying was Piano.

Pianocher kam korta?
Hem ani koslem kam?
Muzg vazoita muntlear zainam?

It was that thought in my mind for many years until I came across the advertisement for jobs on P&O. That’s when I realized that it was not PIANO, but P&O - Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company, one of the largest and oldest shipping company in the world.

We have many Goans working for this magnificent shipping company, and when one sees the pictures of these ships one wishes to go on a voyage round the world on them.

I have not had the oppportunity to view them, but only in pictures and yes it’s a dream to sail on the ship. I have read that this great shipping company is going for sale and there is a tug of war going on with two great companies. Singapore based Temasek, and Dubai Ports World.

Well if it is bought by Dubai, than amche Goemkar will meet many Dubaikars on their trips. Wont it be wonderful as many of them already have family and friend connections in Gulf. And many a times they hardly meet each other on their vacations. Well with the tug of war going on with Singapore and Dubai, P&O is becoming richer as their shares have shot up, wonder if it well benefit amche Goemkar on these ships!

Until then, cheers to amchea Goenkar Tarvotti!

Jerry Fernandes (Saudi Arabia)

For your kind information Danish Shiiping Line (Maersk Line) which is a biggest shipping line of this century has already purchased P & O-Nedloyd Lines vessels which transport containers and break-bulk cargoes.

You must be talking about only passenger ships where most of our young goan lads work at present. Some of them died within one year or two years of services and one can see funeral anouncements on Herald and Navind Times. ( Died under tragic cirmcumstances on board the P&O ship or any other cruise ship in USA ).

Our young lads of Goan origin or Indians in general must go in all fields.( must try to work on other general cargo, oil carriers, bulk carriers and container carriers) here one can learn more and the living while working on these types of ships is safe.

On passenger vessels, most of the travelling turists are healthy and wealthy retired pensioners who exploit or young tender lads for their own use with some dollars or pounds where they end up under Tragic Circumstances.

Jerry please encourage and congratulate our goans to go for different fields worldwide.

Rgds/Carmo Santos

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