Friday, October 16, 2009

Backwater tourism

12 May,2009

Backwater tourism

This refers to the editorial ‘Backwater tourism at long last’ (Herald, May 9). The initiative of Tourism Minister Miccky Pacheco to speed up plans for backwater tourism and water-based transport needs to be commended. Backwater tourism holds immense potential for employment and all-round economic development of the state.
House-boats, floating cottages, resorts, ferry services, land transport and transfers, ancillary services, village tourism, etc, will usher in economic prosperity. Goa has been gradually losing out to Kerala in tourism. This new initiative will, hopefully, reverse the trend.
The Tourism Department is now planning to purchase launches and boats. Instead, like in other states, the government should encourage Goan NRIs to invest in these initiatives. A few seminars ourism fairs can be held in Gulf countries, so that the benefits of this project remain for the Goans, by the Goans and of the Goans.

Robert Castellino, Calangute

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