Friday, October 16, 2009

Bernhard Schulte hosts event for sea going community

Bernhard Schulte hosts event for sea going community

PANJIM (HND) — Bernhard Schulte Ship management (formerly known as Eurasia in India) hosted cocktails and dinner for the sea going community of Goa at Hotel Fidalgo, Panjim and at Hotel Nanu Resorts, Margao, recently.

The event was attended by approximately 150 guests from the maritime community.
Bernhard Schulte Ship-management is the world’s largest privately owned ship manager with a growing fleet of more than 650 ships providing its sea going staff unique opportunities for an excellent career and a long term commitment.

BSM is committed to the continuous development of the seagoing staff through state of art in-house training facilities and holding seminars across the country.
BSM is also committed to the welfare and growth of its officers on board and on leave. Last year this dedication and commitment was extended to the welfare of the families of seafarers sailing with BSM. A family club was formed which has organized many social and cultural get together for families across the country.

Today the industry recognizes BSM’s excellence in bonding with seafarers and families across the country. BSM was awarded for this initiative by Sailor today (leading maritime journal in India) during its annual function.

Effective as of January 1, 2008, Bernhard Schulte Ship management (BSM) has established integrated global operations. Commencing 35 years ago with the formation of Hanseatic in Cyprus, Bernhard Schulte established a group of professional shipmanagement companies around the world that developed both independently and successfully.

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  1. Bernhard Schulte hosts polluting the indian coast, a saint in disguise.

    Quote: It's time to have some legislation in place whereby no State Government is allowed to prosecute and criminalise any seafarer no matter what. They should only be allowed to impose a fine on the ship/ship-owner for any fault of the ships' crew. The ship-owners can get a suitable cover from their P&I Clubs for this purpose.
    - Capt. B.S. Koli, Source:
    Silence, has never been an option for concerned Citizens
    Comments: All seafarers of the Merchant Navy are not the upright and disciplined lot; hence take no chances for polluting the divine sea. Some Chief- Engineers and Captains can stoop to any level to please the ship-owners and commit commercial crimes, to reduce downtime and quick turnaround of vessel at the cost of polluting the divine sea, e.g. pumping out ER bilges(leakages and drains), sludge’s turned out as waste from L.O., F.O. Purifiers, oily bilge water directly to sea, tank-cleaning waste oil of tankers presuming that it will go unnoticed, thereby pleasing their employers owing to their job-insecurity, unlike those employed on war ships, where discipline is instilled. We need therefore assurance for transparency, commitment with responsibility, the need for Senior Officers to take oath, for the general well-being. Is it not? The need therefore to block the loopholes in the system, taking no chances. Criminals should not go unpunished, or else they are encouraged to do so. One should learn to think and act fairly and efficiently, to produce high thoughts and ideals, to make up a good society to live with. Doing without thinking is of no quality or efficiency. Indian seafarers who are actively sailing out at sea, are very well aware of the IMO legislation, for the prevention of pollution by oil, as they strictly comply with it, while sailing around the oceans of the world, except on Indian waters.

    Deliberate and intentional Oil Pollution caused out at sea. An Indian Captain employed by a foreign Ship Management company, managing a fleet of over 700 ships, takes a fully loaded VLCC with visible 2 cracks (14cm x 7.5cm & 9.5cm) dimension, on No. 1stbd COT, from were oil seeps out during sailing, 8nm off Indian west coast / 4nm off Kiltan Island, were there is heavy wx/rain, restricted visibility & heavy traffic density of Fishing/coastal vessel just for Mobile phone signal, there by polluting Indian Coast and Marine environment. If we have some legislation in place whereby no State Government is allowed to prosecute and criminalize any seafarer, no matter what, as suggested by Capt. B.S. Koli. Then Indian coast will be turning into a world dumping ground, as it is gaining publicity. We should therefore have strict legislation in place like US or European countries, which will prevent seafarers/ Shipping companies from polluting and damaging the marine environment.

    "Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act."…Albert Einstein

    "It's hard to calculate the damages happened and happening to our country.
    An eye-opener to the International Maritime Regulating and Governing Authority, relevant associated authorities more particularly
    the relevant national maritime authority, calling for efforts to keep the world shipping trade alive. ……..
    Arun Chandran.

    View: editorial contents in < > clips in highlights.

    Dr. Chandran Peechulli, Ph.D; MBA; D.Sc; FIE(India), PgDIMS(UK), PgTED; FIIPE; MSEI; MSNAME(USA), Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping. Managing Editor & Publisher - "MARINE WAVES" International Maritime Newsletter. * view editorial contents, back- issues as well