Friday, October 16, 2009

Alleviate Seafarers woes

Alleviate Seafarers woes

It was some months back service since Rs. 100 crore scam was revived which was presumed to be lost three years back. For nearly three years seamen received no dues of Rs. 200. It was only six months ago that seamen were made to open a account with the SBI.- Margao Branch. Churchill Alemao convened a meeting here where he assured that that the amount of Rs 200 would be raised to Rs. 500 for all those eligible for the scheme.
Secretary General Abdul Ghani of the National Union of Seafarers convened another meeting three months later without any concrete steps being taken to implement the scheme. And so the families of the seamen dependent on the scheme are facing hardships and their enquiries on this matter have left them dissatisfied. Will the concerned authorities and Churchill Bab look into the matter and alleviate the suffering of those seamen who are still thankfully alive.

Bonifacio Rodriques, Majorda

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