Friday, October 16, 2009

Neglecting seafarers - our tarvottis

Neglecting seafarers

Seafarers dare the huge waves. They stay away from their loved ones, even when their presence is badly needed, all to give a better life to their families. Nobody should play with their sentiments. Once in 6 months they get a sum of Rs1200 from NUSI and now they are fighting to get it increased to a reasonable amount.

About a year ago a meeting was held in presence of ex-seafarer Churchill Alemao and NUSI leaders regarding this issue, but till date nothing has worked out. Now seafarers are holding village-level meetings in presence of the former Asst
Secretary of NUSI Urselino Almeida and Ivor D’Souza. Urselino Almeida claims that NUSI’s funds are just lying around and can be used towards pensions for seafarers.

If funds are not the problem, why they don’t call the present secretary of NUSI at the NUSI Academy and sort out the issue? Something should be done soon, as the current pension of Rs200 per month won’t even fetch you a carton of cigarettes.

Joel Morais, Cuncolim

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